Buyer beware!! The truth about cheap Chinese finger pulse oximeters:

They are inaccurate!!

If an oximeter can't read correctly then it is worthless and dangerous. We challenge the sellers and manufacturers of cheap Chinese finger oximeters to provide video proof that their oximeters are accurate at different oxygen saturation levels and during desaturation/saturation events.

The FDA only checks for accuracy at certain levels using a "spot check" method. They do not test to see if an oximeter can accurately measure desaturation (drop in O2) and then saturation (rise in O2). "FDA approved" does not necessarily mean accurate in real life measurement situations. If oximeter users have a low O2 they tend to try to bring their O2 level up to a pre-determined healthy level and this needs to be measured accurately. Inaccurate readings can lead to complications if mistreated.

See video proof of the Chinese finger oximeters not reading O2 levels correctly.

FDA Approved?

Turner Medical only sells FDA approved oximeters. Turner Medical provides links and documents to the actual 510K FDA approval for pulse oximeters. "Non-Medical" pulse oximeters such as the Nonin GO2 Achieve and SPO Checkmate have FDA approved "like devices" such as the Nonin 9500 and SPO 5500.

There are so many Chinese oximeters on the market with many different names that it is almost impossible to verify if they are actually FDA approved. Ask the seller to provide a copy of the FDA 510K approval document. We suggest you compare the model name listed on the 510K document with the model name they are selling.

You can also search the FDA database to try and find out if the oximeter is FDA approved:

FDA 510K serach link:

Link - Nonin 9550 510K FDA Approval Example:

Poorly constructed and made from inexpensive components.

Drop it one too many times and it breaks. We know that a working oximeter is important to millions of people. If the oximeter breaks from drops will the warranty cover it? Who handles warranty issues for Chinese oximeters?

Link to video of Chinese fingers oximeters being drop tested against American made Nonin oximeters.

Chinese finger pulse oximeters contain lead and latex!!

Nonin had an independent lab test done for lead and latex. Both Beijing Choice and Contec Medical finger oximeters contained lead. Nonin finger oximeters are lead and latex free!!

Link To independent lead and latex test results:

Warranty and customer service?

Chinese finger pulse oximeter manufacturers provides no customer service or warranty coverage in the USA. You either have to go through the reseller for service or try to contact the company in China.

Review the return policy of the companies selling Chinese oximeters. Ask them who handles warranty issues one or even two years in the future? Providing absolutely no product support is an easy and cheap way to keep costs down but is it worth it?

Turner Medical only sells oximeters that have service centers in the United States. We believe that the manufacturer has the responsibility to honor the warranty and provide technical support.

Who makes the oximeters?

There are two main manufacturers of finger oximeters in China. Beijing Choice, Contec Medical they sell under 100's of other names and model numbers. Both companies have no service centers in the United States so you will not find their information on the product pages of the pulse oximeters sold by such companies as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Devon, Concord, etc.

Why do on-line resellers not list the manufacturer on the product site?

We believe they either don't know who the manufacturer is or want you to try and contact them for warranty issues. Would you trust your health with a oximeter that doesn't even have a manufacturer listed?

The following is a list of contact information for the manufactures of oximeters that Turner Medical sells:

NONIN 1-800-356-8874

BCI 1-800-558-2345

GE Healthcare 1-800-558-7044