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Pediatric pulse oximeters are designed to be able read oxygen (SpO2 %) and heart rate from primarily the toes and/or fingers of neonates (under 8lbs.), infants (5 to 45 lbs.), and children (under 75 lbs.).

The most common type of pediatric pulse oximeters are hand held pulse oximeters with a sensor that is designed specifically for the weight/size of the child. Hand held oximeters are preferred because you can use different sensors depending on the size of the person. Hand held oximeters can also take readings from the forehead and ear with the appropriate sensor. Ears and/or foreheads can be used as a location to take a reading but it is not recommended for children under 50 lbs.

The Nonin Onyx Vantage 9590 finger pulse oximeter has been cleared by the FDA for accuracy to be used to take readings from a toe. The Nonin 9590 can be used on fingers/toes as thin as 8 mm (0.3 inches). This is the only finger oximeter on the market that has been cleared by the FDA for use on the toe. If the finger/toe is as thick as a Number 2 pencil then the Nonin 9590 can be used.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeter Sensor Types:

All sensors sold by Turner Medical are Latex free!!

Disposable Wrap Sensors - (link) designed for single use. Sensor is applied using a bandage type material. Can be used for continuous monitoring (typically over 1 hour) or spot checks (quick readings).

Reusable Wrap Sensors - (link) designed to be used multiple times and come with disposable bandage wraps that can be replaced. Comes with warranty. Can be used for continuous monitoring (over 1 hour) or spot checks (quick readings).

Reusable Clip Sensors - (link) designed to last at least one year. Clip style sensor primarily used for spot check (quick reading) or periods less than a couple of hours. Sometimes a clip sensor if left on too long can fatigue the finger/toe.

Reusable Soft Sensors - (link) designed to last at least two years. Soft silicone material that is durable yet applies very little pressure to the finger so it can be used for long period of time.

How to order a hand held pulse oximeter with a pediatric sensor:

All hand held pulse oximeters sold by Turner Medical come standard with an adult finger clip sensor. To purchase a hand held with a pediatric sensor you need to select the sensor from the list provided on the handheld product page or call in your order (866) 778-5890 and request a sensor exchange. If you expect to use the oximeter on both children and adults it is recommended that you purchase a hand held with adult sensor and an extra pediatric sensor.

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