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Key benefits of a handheld pulse oximeter:

  • Portability- Handheld pulse oximeters can weight as little as a two ounces. They are designed to be held by the hand during measurement but can also rest in an optional docking station and act like a tabletop oximeter.

  • Memory -Handheld pulse oximeters with optional memory have the ability to record oxygen and hear rate information. This information can be transferred and viewed in report on a Windows PC using adownload cable and eitherNVISION or Profox software.

  • Alarms- Handheld pulse oximeters with optional alarms can be configured to have audible and visual alarms go off when a pre-selected value for both heart rate and oxygen level is reached.

  • Neonate, Pediatric to Adult- Handheld pulse oximeters sold by Turner Medical can work on neonates, pediatrics and adult patients. All hand held oximeters come with an adult clip sensor. You must purchase asuitable sized sensor for neonate and pediatric applications. Turner Medical does offer "sensor swaps" where the adult sensor can be replaced with a comparable neonate/pediatric sensor.

  • Reusable / Disposable Sensors - Handheld pulse oximeters have multiplesensor options. Turner Medical carries a full line of reusable and disposable sensors from neonate to adult that are compatible with handheld oximeters.

  • Durable with Warranty- Turner Medical only sells oximeters with a manufacturer's warranty. All handheld pulse oximeters sold by Turner Medical have at least a two year warranty and have service centers in the United States.

  • Fast Readings - Handheld pulse oximeters provide accurate readings within seconds making it the perfect device for spot checks on multiple patients.

  • Multiple Power Options - Handheld pulse oximeters have multiple power options (battery or docking station). TheNonin 2500 series has an optional docking station (2500CC-UNIV).

Handheld pulse oximeter limitations:

  • No Nurse Call - Handheld pulse oximeters do not have a nurse call option..

  • Sensor During Sleep - Handheld oximeters can be used for sleep screenings but the sensor cable may get tangled or fall off during moment while sleeping. We recommendwrist pulse oximeters if alarms are not required for sleep studies.

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