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Key benefits of a wireless Bluetooth pulse oximeter:

  • Portability - Wireless Bluetooth pulse oximeters are very small in size, lightweight, attach to the finger. Unlike tabletop and hand held pulse oximeters there is no long cable to be caught or tangled during use.

  • Memory/Recording - Wireless pulse oximeters with required recording app or Windows program have the ability to record and/or stream O2 and heart rate data. The Nonin Connect and the Masimo MightySat have the ability to stream data to an app that records O2 and heart rate data. The ChoiceMMed wrist oximeter can stream data to a Windows PC. The Aulisa GA1000-A and GA1000-P wireless oximeters do not record data.

  • Continuous Monitoring - Wireless pulse oximeters can be used as a continuous (more than 1 hour) monitoring device. The Aulisa GA1000-A, GA1000-P and ChoiceMMed wrist oximeter were designed for continuous monitoring and have the ability to alarm if the oxygen level or heart rate level is outside of pre-set limits.

  • Pediatric to Adult - The Aulisa wrist oximeters come in Adult GA1000-A and Pediatric GA1000-P versions. Wireless finger and wrist oximeters are designed for adult use.

Wireless pulse oximeter limitations:

  • Alarms - The Aulisa GA1000-A, GA1000-P and the ChoiceMMed have configurable alarms. All other wireless pulse oximeters we sell do not alarm.

  • Bluetooth Range - Wireless pulse oximeters do not have unlimited range. To work effectively the wireless oximeter must be in Bluetooth range of the device they are communicating with.

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