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Manufactured by one of the worlds top electronics companiesDelta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group

Delta Electronics Group's history has received many global awards and recognition for their business, technology, and corporate social responsibility. In 2012 Delta was selected for two of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes — the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Asia/ Pacific Index—for the 2nd consecutive year. Delta was also ranked first among the 29 leading companies in the Electronic Equipment sector and named as "Sector Leader" for the first time. Since 2010, Delta has received 47 internationally recognized design awards including the iF, Reddot, CES Innovation, Computex Best Choice, and Taiwan Excellence awards.

O2Health Finger Oximeter Accuracy Report:

Delta Electronic's biological division DelBio has published accuracy claims comparing the DB11 to a Masimo co-oximeter. The accuracy of the O2Health oximeters is second to none for finger oximeters under $99.

O2Health Oximeter Accuracy Report

Click on report image to view accuracy report:

O2Health DB11 & DB12 vs. Amazon's top selling CMS50DL & SM-110 finger oximeters: