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The Significance of Alarm Pulse Oximeters in COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring

Turner Medical, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of alarm pulse oximeters that play a crucial role in COVID-19 screening and monitoring. Our alarm pulse oximeters are equipped with advanced functionalities to assist individuals and healthcare professionals in effectively tracking vital signs and identifying early warning signs of respiratory distress. Order yours today.

Alarm Features

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the monitoring of oxygen saturation levels and heart rate is of utmost importance. Our finger oximeters stand out due to their incorporation of alarm features that can promptly alert users to significant fluctuations in these essential vital signs. These timely notifications can trigger necessary actions and potentially save lives.

Customizable Settings

A standout attribute of our alarm pulse oximeters is the customizable alarm settings. Users have the flexibility to set thresholds for oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, enabling the device to emit an alarm if these parameters fall outside the predetermined range. This feature proves particularly valuable in COVID-19 screening and monitoring, where the early identification of worsening respiratory health can be critical for timely interventions.

Accurate & Dependable

Furthermore, our hospital-grade pulse oximeters are renowned for their accuracy and dependability in monitoring vital signs. Endorsed by medical professionals, our finger oximeters provide precise readings that users can rely on for accurate health tracking. When coupled with alarm functionalities, our pulse oximeters offer an added layer of security and reassurance in COVID-19 screening and monitoring applications.

Why Choose Us

Trusted by medical professionals, our alarm pulse oximeters provide reliable performance for continuous monitoring, giving you peace of mind about your health status. With our wearable pulse oximeters, you can stay informed about any fluctuations in your health and take proactive measures if necessary.


Opt for Turner Medical, Inc. for alarm pulse oximeters tailored to enhance COVID-19 screening and monitoring efforts. Our finger oximeters boast advanced features and unwavering reliability to detect early warning signs of respiratory distress, empowering users and healthcare professionals to take proactive measures to protect health and well-being. Order today.

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