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Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter - Turner Medical specializes in providing our customers with high-quality, low-cost pulse oximeters from the most trusted Manufacturer's in the pulse oximetry industry. Whether you're looking for Nonin, Masimo , O2Health or BCI pulse oximeters, you can find the exact pulse oximter you need at Turner Medical.

Browse our website to find great deals on a wide variety of digital pulse oximeters, including the Masimo MightySat, BCI Digit 3420, NoninConnect iPhone Bluetooth fingertip oximeter, Nonin 8500 and the Nonin Onyx Vantage 9590 pulse oximeter. Don't buy just any pulse oximeter, buy a quality pulse oximeter from a name you can trust.

A family owned and operated company, Turner Medical has over 25 years of experience in the pulse oximetry industry with an oximeter only focus. If you're in the market for a premium finger pulse oximeter, or a hand held pulse oximeter including the top selling Nonin 8500 pulse oximeter and the Nonin 2500 series portable pulse oximeter, shop online at Turner Medical and start saving today!

Please visit our informational pages on pulse oximetry technology and why pulse oximeters do not need calibration.